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The following is an excerpt from my book, All About Professional Fur Handling.  In Chapter 5 we refer to the use of boards for stretching and drying skins as opposed using wire forms.

"The raccoons came out about 2" longer on the wood than they did on wire.  This length difference was tested using a wire form the same width as the wooden form.  By placing the skin on each form and measuring I began to see a longer pelt length on the board.  This extra length on the board is accomplished with less stress on the pelt than it would receive on the wire form....About eight out of ten skins tested were up-graded one size."

Click here for ordering information on this book.  Be sure to read this tip and other money saving methods on handling your fur to receive top dollar for your finished fur.
There are a lot of wooden boards available but ours conform to proper sizes that have been time tested over a 25 year period.  All boards are made with #1 quality basswood.  Sold in half dozen and dozen lots only - includes one wedge per board.  (We suggest you varnish or clear coat your boards to preserve them.)  Additional time may apply but we will contact you if boards are out of stock and need custom made.  Additional shipping rates may apply.
Wood Stretchers
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Order # EF19
$19.50 half dozen
Mink Stretchers - Specify male or female.
Order #EF20
$39.00 dozen
Extra $10 shipping fee included in price of dozen & half dozen
Muskrat Stretchers
XL measures 24"x6.5"; LM/L measures 24"x6".
Order #EF64
$17.50 half dozen
Order #EF65
$33.00 dozen
Raccoon Stretchers
Measure 46.5" x 7.5" or 7.25", width
Order #EF21
$50.00 half dozen
Order #EF22
$86.00 dozen
Gray Fox Stretchers
Measure 54" x 5.25"
Please inquire about shipping costs prior to ordering.
Order #EF23
$42.00 half dozen
Order #EF24
$80.00 dozen
Red Fox Stretchers
Measure 58" x 5.75"
Please inquire about shipping costs prior to ordering.
Order #EF25
$44.00 half dozen
Order #EF26
$83.00 dozen
You can now purchase 6 of each size muskrat stretchers using the 'Both' dozen option!
Male = 36" x 3.75" at 24"; Female = 32" x 2.5"
Extra shipping may apply. We will contact you prior to processing your order if additional fees apply.
male stretchers currently out of stock
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