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Skinning Knives
Skinning Knives & Sharpeners
Fleshing Knives
Fleshing  Knives
Alaska Ulu Knife
We can't say enough good things about this unique knife.  Designed from old-time Alaskan Eskimo fleshing knives, it is still the best beaver fleshing tool available today.  Works great on those stubborn otter tails too!  Comes with a cultured ivory handle, making this knife easy to flesh with.
Order #EK2
$21.95 - each
Ulu Knife
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Dexter Knife Sharpener
Made in the USA!
Dexter Russel EZ Edge Knife Sharpener
Order #EK17
$8.95 - each
Two or three strokes with this sharpener brings your knife back to life.
Ulu Sharpener
This is a one-sided sharpening tool which is drawn over the cutting edge to provide a razor sharp edge. Also works well on fleshing tools!
Order #EK4
$8.95 - each
Ulu Sharpener
Order #EK7
$17.00 - each
Standard Double Handle Fleshing Knife
Blade specs: 3/16"x1"
Order #EK11
$14.50 - 10-inch knife
Order #EK12
$14.95 - 12-inch knife

Order #EK13
$19.95 - 12-inch double edge
Single Handle Fleshing Tool
This is the best tool to clean muskrats and other small animals.  Two cutting edges so there is always a sharp side.
Order #EK14
$6.00 - each
Epler's Pro Fleshing Knife
This heavy duty double handled 16" fleshing knife is an Epler exclusive.  Furbuyers and trappers alike will find this double edge carbon steel pro knife a delight to work with and a welcome addition to your fur shed.
Order #EPFK
$42.95 Each
Pro Fleshing Knife
Necker 600 Fleshing Knife
Used by the pros, this stainless steel knife is doubled edged with the blade measuring 14"x1-1/2".
Order #NK600
$65.00 Each
Necker 600 Fleshing Knife
Beaver Skinning  Knife
Upswept blade with point preferred by beaver skinners.  High carbon steel.  Economically priced. Made in the USA.
Beaver Skinning Knife
Special Skinning Knife
With polypropylene handle and stainless steel blade.  Easy to sharpen and holds an edge.
Order #EK6
$8.95 - each
Skinning Knife
Chicago Blue Knife
Chicago Blue knives are back in stock again! This 3-3/4" blade knife is the same style and excellent quality it was before it was temporarily discontinued.
Order #EK18
$13.00 - each
Chicago Blue Knife
Dexter Green River Knife
This curved blade knife with point is a favorite of beaver skinners. Made in the USA
Order #DGR
$21.00 - each
Green River Knife
Wiebe Pelter Knife
Small triangular, pointed blade is ideal for smaller animals as mink, muskrat, etc. Discount offered when purchasing 3 or more of these knives.
Order #EK9A
$10.95 - each
Wiebe Pelting Knife
Wiebe Wicked Sharp Knife
This knife is a fixed blade scalpel. A new blade can be snapped into place. The knife has a soft, comfortable hand and comes wtih 25 replacement blades.
Order #EK15
$19.95 - each
Wiebe Wicked Sharp Replacement Blades
Order #EK16
$5.95 - dozen
Wiebe Wicked Sharp
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