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For a Limited Time, purchase Epler's All About Saleable Medicinals book and All About Ginseng Hunting DVD for one low price!
All About Professional Fur Handling
By John Epler, Jr. - Drawing knowledge from over 30 years of professional fur handling, this book is the most accurate and up-to-date fur handling book available today.  Learn the tips and secrets that professional fur handlers use to process furs.  They can mean a lot more dollars in your fur check. 104 pages, 129 photos.
Order EB01
$12.00 Each
Professional Fur Handling
All About Ginseng in the 21st Century  
by John Epler, Jr.

Modern hunting and growing methods and situations are explained in depth along with many photos making ginseng and other medicinal plants easy to identify.  Detailed information on cultivating ginseng and several medicinal plants including goldenseal along with possible diseases and special soil requirements are included to help you.  Step by step instructions on preparing your beds, planting the seeds and/or stock, all the way to marketing the roots are discussed.  This book is designed to give you valuable time saving information drawn from John Epler’s many years of experience working with ginseng.   Color cover and rear photos help make ginseng easy to identify with many black and white photos throughout the book
All About Ginseng Book
97 pages, 43 photos
Order #EB16
$12.00 - each
Ginseng Hunting
DVD Video
Order EV01
$15.95 Each
All About Ginseng Hunting DVD
By John Epler, Jr -  Follow along as we take you from the mountains of central Pennsylvania, then to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in search of wild ginseng and goldenseal.  This video deals with wild ginseng in numerous natural situations. Also shown and discussed are the companion plants to ginseng, proper drainage, terrain, conservation practices and more. 95 minutes
Saleable Medicinals
All About Saleable Medicinals
By John Epler, Jr. - 48 pages containing information and photos about dozens of medicinal plants.  This new book is packed with information to get the novice started harvesting medicinals.  Not only does it describe in detail how to identify these plants, but also how to find, harvest and market them.
Order EB02
$6.00 Each
That's a 48-page book plus 95 minutes of video detailing how you can make extra money in the woods!  Get yours now!
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