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Fur Shed Supplies
Epler Fur
Plastic Tail Stripper
No fur shed is complete without one of these handy gadgets.  Made of hard plastic, there are two holes which handle any tail, from weasel to wolf.
Order #EF9
$3.00 - each
Rubber Apron
Heavy duty rubber apron will last several seasons.
Order #EF1
$12.00 - each
Please Note
Due to large size, there may be additional shipping fees to some zip codes.  Please inquire before ordering.
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Tail Splitting Guide

Order #EF9A
$2.95 - each
Tail Stripper
Metal Triangle-Type Skinning Gambrel
8 Inches
Order #EF7
$4.95 - each
Chain Type Skinning Gambrel
Order #EF8
$10.95 - each
Extra $10 shipping fee included in price
Wood Fleshing Beam
Approximately 46.5"x7.5", this hardwood beam made to last a lifetime.
Order #EF16
$46.00 - each
Extra $10 shipping fee included in price
Canine Fleshing Beam
Measures 46.5"x6", a hardwood beam made to last a lifetime.
Order #EF16B
$43.00 - each
Scotch Fur Comb
A heavy duty comb.  This will work on all furbearers.
Order #EF18
$12.00 - each
Fur Comb
Order #EF17A
$85.00 - 10 boxes
#5 Aluminum Push Pins
The long ones for attaching pelts to wooden stretchers.  Strong tempered steel points allow pins to be used over and over.  No hammer needed for driving  or removal.
Order #EF17
$9.00 - box of 100
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St Clair, PA 17970 • Phone 272-245-0104
Metal Tail Stripper

A stand-by in nearly all fur sheds. Quickly and easily helps take the bone out of the tail of most furbearers.
Order #EF66
$6.00 - each
Tail Splitter
Use this handy tool after using the tail stripper.  Easily makes the cut down the length of tail.
Order #EF11
$4.00 - each
Duke Wire Stretchers
Size #1 Muskrat
Order #EF12
$30.75 - dozen
Fur Hangers
A great way to keep your finished fur neat and clean.
Order #EFH
$4.75 - each