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Trapline Supplies
Epler Fur
Miscellaneous Supplies
Flourescent Flagging
Order #EA1
$2.25 - each
Tie Wire
Annealed wire in 11 gauge for beaver, otter and snare supports; 14 gauge for raccon and similar size animals; 16 gauge for muskrat size animals. Rolls are 3˝ pounds
14 Gauge
Order #EA2
$7.75 - roll
16 Gauge
Order #EA3
$7.75 - roll
Drags & Stakes
Drags & Stakes
Baskets & Pouches
Trapping Baskets & Pouches
11 Gauge
Order #EA4
$8.75 - roll
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9 Gauge
Order EA4A
$8.75 - roll
Berkshire Stakes
Regular Ends - 2-1/2" x 3/4"
Heavy Duty Ends - 3" x 7/8"
Soft Ground Ends
- 4" x 1-1/8"
soft ground pictured
Order #EA1A
$4.00 - 2 rolls
Berkshire Stake Info
Berkshire Disposable Stakes
One of the least expensive and lightest staking system on the market.  Can be used on traps or snares. The soft ground ends are similar in design to the Berkshire heavy ends but approximately triple in size.  They are a good choice for water trappers.
Order #EA7
$5.75 - dozen
1/8" size fits through universal swivel
Order #EA10C
$60.00 - 100 feet
#3 Machine Chain
Order #EA10F
$18.00 - 25 feet
Order #EA10G
$34.00 - 50 feet
2 Prong Drag
Available in sizes for both fox and coyote.
Fox Drag
Order #EA12
$11.00 - half dozen
Fox Drag
Order #EA13
$21.00 - dozen
Coyote Drag
Order #EA14
$19.00 - half dozen
Coyote Drag
Order #EA15
$37.00 - dozen
Soft Ground Ends Only
Order #EA25A
70˘ - each
30" Soft Ground
Order #EA25B
$25.95 - dozen
15" Standard
Order #EA20
$12.95 - dozen
15" Heavy Duty
Order #EA21
$19.95 - dozen
Regular Ends Only
Order #EA22
40˘ - each
Heavy Duty Ends Only
Order #EA23
$7.50 - dozen
Regular Ends Only
Order #EA22100
$37.50 - 100
Heavy Duty Ends Only
Order #EA23100
$57.50 - 100
Soft Ground Ends Only
Order #EA25A100
$67.50 - 100
Berkshire 24" Stake Driver
Order #EA24
$9.95 - each
Wolf Fang Products
The original Wolf Fang Anchor is easy to drive into the soil with the aid of the Wolf Fang Driver. This extra heavy duty anchor will hold firmly under most soil conditions.
Wolf Fang
Ends Only
Order #WF1
$7.50 - dozen
Wolf Fang
Ends Only
Order #WF2
$50.00 - 100
Wolf Fang with 15" Cable
Order #WF3
$18.95 - dozen
Wolf Fang 24-Inch Driver
Order #WF4
$19.95 - each
Wolf Fang Anchor
Wolf Fang End
Wolf Fang Driver
Wolf Fang End
Wolf Fang
with Cable
Bait Pouch
Two compartments will hold 8-ounce bait jars in place.  Has a Velcro closing flap and fits on any packbasket strap.  Camo color.
Order #EA36
$5.00 - each
Urine  Pouch
Designed to hold a 16-ounce bottle of urine, this pouch fits on any packbasket strap as well.  Camo color.
Order #EA37
$3.50 - each
2/0 Replacement Chain
Heavy duty chain, excellent for extension chains on drags for coyote or raccoons.
Order #EA9
$9.50 - 25 feet
Order #EA10
$30.00 - 100 feet
Order #EA9A
$17.50 - 50 feet
Machine Chain
We offer chain lengths of 25-feet, 50-feet and by the full box. Each box contains 100 feet of chain. Please check with us, as full boxes may require additional shipping charges.
Epler Fur Company, Inc. • Matt and Danielle Brophy • 233 Chestnut St.,
St Clair, PA 17970 • Phone 272-245-0104
Extra shipping may be needed on a basket order. We will contact you prior to shipping.
Wide Weave Trapping Baskets
An excellent quality basket which is hand woven.  Each basket has a plywood bottom to reduce wear.  Harness included.
Order #EA10B
$50.00 - 100 feet
#2 Machine Chain
Order #EA10D
$16.25 - 25 feet
Order #EA10E
$30.00 - 50 feet
Barker's Skunk Sleeper

Made for euthanizing skunks. Attaches to theaded broom handle or paint stick. Comes with 1 aluminum sleeper mount, 2 12cc syringes and 3 needles.
Order #BSS
$14.95 - each
DP Quick Tie Offs
Made with 3/32 7x7 cable approximately 60" long. Dog proof trap slips through the large loop allowing you to go around trees less than 20" in diameter.
Order #DPQT
$8.00 - half dozen
Order #DPQTA
$15.00 - dozen
18-Inch Height
Order #EA28
$68.00 - each
20-Inch Height
Order #EA29
$70.00 - each
22-Inch Height
Order #EA29A
$72.00 - each