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Epler Snares
Epler's Posilock Snares
PA Legal Cable Restraint
Our cable restraints are manufactured to conform with Pennsylvania laws.  We use a 1¼" ADC reverse bend washer lock, 5½' of 3/32 7x7 cable, a whammy capable of accepting a 9 gauge support wire, and a 9 gauge swivel with washer.  There are two stops for a minimum and maximum loop which is set for you. The breakaway is a 280# s hook to conform to PA law..
Order #ES1
$28.00 - dozen
Check your State Trapping Regulations prior to setting snares.
All our snares are manufactured by us, using the best cable, stops and locks we can buy.  Each stop and ferrule is double crimped making a pull-through nearly impossible.
PA Cable Restraint
Need Custom Snares or Drowners?

We make any size you desire.  Deer stops available upon  request.

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7x7 Snare Cable
Cable size is 3/32.
Order #ES14
$25.00 - 500 feet
Order #ES15
$17.00 - 250 feet
Order #ES16
$7.50 - 100 feet
Order #ES19
$56.00 - 1000 feet
Cable Cutters
HIT Cable Cutters
These cable cutters are made in Japan.  It is one of the better quality cutters available.
Order #HIT
$29.50 - each
Be sure to follow your state's regulations concerning use and placement of snares.
PA Legal Cable Restraint 2
Same as above restraint except using 3/32 1x19 cable.
Order #ES1A
$32.00 - dozen
Whammies (Support Collars for 3/32 cable)
Order #ESW
$2.25 - dozen
Order #ESWB
$16.00 - 100
Economy Cable Cutters
Order #ECC
$18.00 - each
Raccoon  & Fox Snare
Our coon and fox snare features 48" of 5/64 cable, with a sure lock and swiveled end. There is a whammy and two stop buttons on each snare - to be set by you.
Order #ES3
$22.00 - dozen
Fox & Coon  Snare
Coyote & Beaver Snare
Our large predator snares feature a 48" 3/32 cable with washer lock and  swiveled end. There is a whammy and two stop buttons on each snare - to be set by you.
Order #ES4
$23.00 - dozen
Beaver Snare
8-Foot Drowner
Cable is 3/32, and 8 feet in length.  An excellent coon  or beaver drowner rig.
10-Foot Drowner
Also made with 3/32 cable, this is a longer 10-foot drowner, excellent for beaver and raccooon.
Order #ES7
$18.00 - dozen
Order #ES6
$16.00 - dozen
Aluminum Double Ferrules
Specify 3/32 or 5/64 from drop down menu.
Order #ES8
$1.00 - dozen
Order #ES9
$6.50 - 100
Aluminum Stops
Specify 3/32 or 5/64 from drop down  menu
Order #ES10
$1.00 - dozen
Order #ES11
$6.50 - 100
Break Away S-Hooks - 280#
Order #ES12
25¢ - each
Large Washer Locks
Order #ES20
$2.40 - dozen
Order #ES20B
$17.50 - 100
Sure Locks
Order #ES22
$2.25 - dozen
Order #ES22B
$15.00 - 100
L Drowner Lock
Order #ES23
$2.40 - dozen
Order #ES23B
$18.00 - 100
11 Gauge Swivels
Order #ES24
$2.40 - dozen
Order #ES24B
$17.50 - 100
Heavy Duty 9 Gauge Swivels
Order #ES25
$3.00 - dozen
Order #ES25B
$22.00 - 100
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