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Andy Stoe's Speed Dip
Quick and easy, mix 1 quart dip to 1 gallon gasoline or
Coleman fuel. Available in black or brown.
Order #SSD
$14.50 - quart.
Stoe's Speed Dip
Brown Logwood Dye
This is a brown powder which turns black in  water.  Use one pound for every three gallons of water.  Each pack of 14 ounces dyes about 3 dozen traps.
Order #EPR2
$4.50 - 1 pack
Order #EPR3
$21.50 - 5 packs
Epler Fur Company, Inc. • Matt and Danielle Brophy • 233 Chestnut St.,
St Clair, PA 17970 • Phone 272-245-0104
Renno's All Natural Trap Dye
Derived from a plant native to the PA mountains. Unlike other powder dyes this dye will coat traps with a finish that is nearly rust proof odorless with the ability to weather several weeks of trapping without the standard additional waxing process.
Order #RTD
$5.50 - bag
Trap Wax
A special non-cracking, odorless white wax sealed in plastic to keep it odor free.  Dip traps in pure melted wax in separate container. One pound bar.
Order #EPR1
$4.00 - bar
Order #EPR1A
$19.00 - 5 bars
Trap Wax Big Block
Same quality as our 1 pound bars, but made in a big 5-pound block.
Order #EPR1B
$17.00 - 5# block
Battle Born Trap Cleaner

Battle Born removes a wide variety of Films, Paints, Soils, Wax, Rust, and Dyes. Does not pit or cause your traps to become brittle or otherwise adversely affect metals. Protects and conditions metal for long service life. Non-acid, no specially lined tubs or containers required for solutions. Do not use on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. Use in well ventilated area.
One pound of  Battle Born will treat approximately 5 gallons of water, and can clean up to 5 dozen traps depending on size and condition of traps.

Order #EBB
$11.00 - each