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X Factor Bait
This is a go-to bait forrRed fox, coyote, and bobcat. This is slightly tinted red meat base enhanced with oils, musk, and castor. It is freeze proof and his great early through late season.
Order #RR01
$7.00 - 1oz.
Canine Lure
A canine long distance call lure. This is enhanced with skunk essence for those colder days on the line. Great for drawing and them  in from a distance. great for foxes and coyotes.
Order #RR02
$7.00 - 1 oz.
Fox in a Bottle Lure
A red fox gland lure. This is an aged gland lure with a lot of kick. It works great on red fox, gray fox, and coyote.
Crittr Gittr Lure
This product is a great food lure for all predators. It can be used in a dark hole early season. Great for any predator, it is an oil base squirt and go with many interesting smells to get them to commit.
Order #RR03
$10.00 - 8 oz.
Crittr Gittr Long Distance Lure
This squirt and go oil food lure is regular Critter Getter enhanced with skunk essence. This is a truly amazing lure used heavily in mid to late trapping season here in PA
Order #RR04
$11.00 - 8 oz.
Fishy Feast Bait
This bait is fish-based with many other oils, tinctures, and odors to enhance it. It is great for raccoons, possums, and skunks but it is also a good mix up bait for coyotes, foxes, and bobcat.
Order #RR05
$10.00 - 16 oz.
Sweet Surrender Bait
This bait is awesome for dog proof traps. It has a strong fruity smell that Coons can’t resist. This is a sticky bait.
Order #RR06
$10.00 - 16 oz.
Order #RR07
$14.00 - 16 oz.
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