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Lure, Bait & Urine - 3
Epler Fur
Epler Ingredients
Epler Miscellaneous Ingredients
Pure Beaver Castor
As the name suggests it is pure castor ground to a find consistency.  Just a small amount of propylene glycol is added to make grinding easier and help preserve the castor.
Order #EL36
$29.00 - 4oz.
Mike Marsyada
Epler Urine
Beaver Castor
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New!!  Muskrat Glands
Order #ERG
$6.00 - 1oz.
Order #EL36A
$8.50 - 1oz.
Ground and slightly tainted to add that extra appeal to canines and cats.
Glycerine Oil
Tinctured Skunk Essence
A carefully prepared tincture of skunk essence. Especially prepared for those who wish to raise a big stink!  Use as a cover scent. Also attractive as LDC for coyote, fisher, fox and bobcat.
Plastic Flip-Top Bottles
Order #EL38
$9.00 - 1 oz.
Pacific Coast Fish Oil
This high quality fish oil will work very well for all predators as a lure or bait addition or by itself.
Order #EL39
$7.00 - 1 pint

Order #EL39B
$28.00 - 1 gallon
Extra shipping charges may incur on 1 gallon orders.
Pure Crawdad Oil -  This is a pure sun rendered oil, light red in color, very strong and lasting at the set.
Order #EL48
$4.00 - 4 oz.
Order #EL49
$11.00 - 16 oz.
Gator Oil
Made from rendered alligator, it is deadly on bobcats and canines.
Order #EL46
$7.50 - 1 oz.
Order #ERG4
$20.00 - 4oz.
Order #ERGP
$60.00 - 1 pint
Order #EA70
70˘ - 4oz.
Order #EA71
85˘ - 16oz.
Order #EA71B
$1.50 - each
Spray Top for 16-Oz. Bottles
Order #EJ2
65˘ - 1 oz.
Glass Boston Rounds
With Lids
Order #EJ34
$1.00 - 4 oz.
Wide Mouth Glass Bait Jars
Order #EA72
$1.00 - 4oz.
Order #EJ3
65˘ - 1 oz.
Lure Droppers
Fits 1-ounce lure bottles
Order #EA53
40˘ each
Order #EA53B
$1.00 for 3
Fish Oil
Propylene Glycol
Order #EL41
$7.00 - 1 pint
Order #EL42
$7.00 - 1 pint
Sodium Benzoate
Bait preservative
Order #EL45
$5.50 - 1 pound
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Epler Urine
Red Fox, Gray Fox or Coyote Urine
Order #EU2
$8.00 - 1 pint

Order #EU2A
$24.00 - half gallon

Order #EU2B
$45.00 - 1 gallon
Order #EU1
$8.00 - 1 pint

Order #EU1B
$35.00 - 1 gallon
Bobcat Urine
We have excellent quality animal urines available.  Extra care is taken to keep food, water and foreign matter out of the urine during the collection process.
There may be an extra shipping fee when ordering gallons of urine.  Please check with us before ordering.