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Cherry Red
A red fox gland lure, good for early season.
Order #EJL2
$7.50 - 1oz.
Fox Frenzy
A curiosity gland lure for fox, coyote and bobcat.
Order #EJL4
$7.50 - 1oz.
Minnesota Red
All season red fox gland lure.
Order #EVL3
$7.50 - 1oz.
An all season predator call lure.
Order #EVL1
$7.50 - 1oz.
Hiawatha Valley Bait
A long distance predator bait.
Order #EVL8
$12.50 - 9oz.
Mink Master
All season mink gland lure. Great as a predator change-up.
Order #EVL6
$7.50 - 1oz.
Violator 7
A predator gland and call lure.
Order #EVL2
$7.50 - 1oz.
Caven Lure Mix & Match Special
4 1-oz. Bottles - 29.00
Select your 4 lure choices from the drop-down lists, then press the Add to Cart button.
Feline Fix
Bobcat gland lure, very thick and loaded with expensive bobcat glands.
Order #EVL10
$7.50 - 1oz.
Ringtail Cocktail Bait  
An all season raccoon bait with a smoked fish base and powerful calling ingredients.  It is also weather proofed
Order #EJL9
$7.50 - 16oz.
Canine Candy
All season canine sweet lure.
Order #EJL3
$7.50 - 1oz.
A predator food lure with quill for all predators.
Order #EJL5
$7.50 - 1oz.
Songdog Supreme
Same formula as Fox Frenzy, but with coyote glands.
Order #EJL6
$7.50 - 1oz.
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